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Kuwait is known for its passion for Motorsport. Unfortunately, it hasn’t had the opportunity to experience it locally. But today Kuwait enjoys a state of the art racing venue (Kuwait Motor Town) and therefore we, Radical Kuwait take pride in organizing the first official circuit race series in Kuwait history. 

The Radical SR1 Cup is the UK’s fastest and most exciting club racing championship which makes racing prototype style sportscars more accessible than ever before. 

Drivers of all backgrounds have taken advantage of the detailed on-track tuition and support offered by Radical Sportscars since the championship’s launch in 2013. Such has been the rapid growth of this first step on to the Radical racing ladder, once again 2019 is building up to be a fantastic year.

Fully built and ready to go, the SR1 was substantially revised in 2017 with dramatic new styling, improved aerodynamics and updated electronics – you can’t go faster and have more fun for less.


Are you driven by speed? Book your place on the track at the biggest motorsport event in Kuwait and have an experience like never before.


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For the first time in Kuwait’s history, Radical proudly gives race enthusiasts an opportunity to experience top level racing, with the best cars in the industry. 
The SR1 is the first step on the Radical ladder, ideal for enthusiasts looking to take their circuit driving to the next level with a focused sports-racing car that has an excellent safety record.
The SR3 is the next step up from the SR1 offering thrilling, cost-effective,high-performance track driving and racing. The Generation 4 engine offers improved reliability, better drivability and more power.


The KMT Grand Prix track is an FIA Grade1rated circuit designed by world-renowned architect Hermann Tilke. The grandstand features over 7,000 seats including nearly 700 VIP seats. Business lounge areas offer optimum views of the track and the finish line.


South Circuit: 1597 m
Longest Straight: 636 m
Number of Turns: 8



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